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You can download showsrc here

To install, simply copy the "showsrc" directory to your web page, and open the sourceindex.php to see a demo. To add your own source, just follow the example of the demo.

showsrc is licensed under the GNU GPL. For more info read this file.

Online Code HTML Markup Utility

Use showsrc online to markup code from several sources (URL, local file and pasted text).


showsrc is a php script that "pretty prints" Java source code on the fly, marking up keywords and comments so as to make the code more readable than if it is mono-coloured. There is also a script that can do the indexing of your source code so all you really have to do is upload your source files into the showsrc directory. It uses CSS for the colours - so changing them requires very little effort.

Many people like to display their source code for others to look at, but it is always nice both to index your code (so the user can find what they want quickly) and to colour it nicely. The problem is that you have to reformat the documents each time you revise the source, and add new sources to the index. Sure most smart people have a program to generate the nicely coloured source code for you, but you still have to run it and upload it each time - not to mention consuming twice the disk space on the server.

As showsrc uses regex, it makes light work of even a large source files. For example, 2k+ lines of source code can normally be processed in under a second.

showsrc removes the need to manually generate syntax highlighted code and a file index. Check out the examples for a demonstration.



showsrc in action

The following sites have examples of showsrc:

showsrc demo
net.jtank library


If you use showsrc, please tell me about it and I will add you to this list.






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